Services for Ad Agencies

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Advertising Agencies and Brand Promoters

Vonality offers private label services to ad agencies and brand promoters.

Are you an ad agency that is looking to add some excitement to your client’s campaign? Are you looking to promote a brand?
The Vonality platform is a great way to spark the brand, collect user data, and provide fans with experiences they want – all tied into and profiling your client’s brand. In the world of cause marketing online auctions are the perfect vehicle for raising money while raising your brands awareness- creating a win win partnership.

Online auctions are a great way to connect to millions of fans and potential buyers. They are exciting, have a very high click through rate, are engaging and highly addictive. Consumers flock to online auctions for great deals, opportunities to use points or to bid on unique experiences.

From flying on the World’s First A380 with Singapore Airlines, to bidding on the first Apple iPhone in North America, to driving the first Audi R8 in Canada and many others – Vonality helps brands create and connect with consumers.  Integrating online auctions into a new website, an existing website, your Facebook page or a Twitter page turns your social networking into social commerce.

We work as sub vendors with ad agencies or as partners with them to support their clients.

We can help you by providing you with an online auction platform and the managed services to run the auction. We can advise you on the success and pitfalls along the way to make sure you are fully protected.

From compliance, registration, legal to technology, security and bidder handling – Vonality can help you navigate in the best direction.

Online auctions at the surface are very simplistic, but when you get outside of the “I’m selling my laptop on eBay” to creating a professional campaign they are very complex and require specialists.

The public relations nightmare that comes from a failed auction campaign can be disastrous.  We make sure that doesn’t happen.

Contact us today to learn how we have made heroes out of the advertising agencies we have worked with and how we can make you a hero in your next pitch or client engagement.