FANing™ your Marketplace

It’s all about creating fans for your brand and product.


Vonality works with clients to develop social media strategies that make dollars and cents (sense). We believe that an engaging social media campaign that drives traffic to your marketplaces leads to a direct impact in higher sell through rates and higher selling prices- which is all good news.

The challenge is that social media marketing for marketplaces needs to drive instant conversions to bids and purchases. When we post on Facebook – we want to see how many people came to your site, placed a bid, or engaged. Because we are real time commerce enabled we have become experts on how to best deliver social marketing solutions and are able to track performance and recommend solutions in real time.

Our services include:

  • Creation of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Creation & set up of private branded social networking website
  • Building a follower/fan base on each of these accounts.
  • Daily posting, interacting with users, and creating brand awareness online.
  • Managing each of these accounts 100%.
  • Integrating an eCommerce or auction component
  • Vonality BringBack™ services- driving traffic back to your website and business
  • Database capture
  • Polling and market research
  • FANing™ by Vonality