We have helped charities raise millions of dollars, tap new donors and secure new sponsors.


Charity event web pages, online ticket sales, online auctions- all in one box- from one provider.

We provide you with an ‘event in a box’ solution that takes care of all your basic and advanced needs. From setting up and designing your event website, to allowing patrons to purchase tickets, to automatic donation solicitation forms and finally your online auction. Vonality is your trusted partner. We know time is important as is a professional image and look. Why work with five or six partners when you can work with one partner who specializes in event and online auction fundraising.

  • Online Auctions- this is our baby. We know it better then anyone. Full set up, advisory services and management.
  • Event website- including design and hosting
  • Ticket Sales- including yield management -Single registration for ticket holders and bidders)
  • eMail Marketing- sending out important newsletters to your fans and ours
  • Social Media- development of online viral social media campaigns that work
  • Donation Buttons- if your fundraising strategy is dependant on setting up a ‘donate now button’ yikes! Lets chat. Coffee’s on us.



We build custom, branded auction web sites and back them up with the services needed to make them successful.

Branded online auction sites mimic the “look and feel” of our client’s web sites and are fully customized, (URL, e-mail address, security, site ad servers, geo-targeted advertising and messaging). Traffic is driven to your website and our auction sites are whit labelled to only reflect your brand.

When you couple site customization with the auction management services, our clients are able to easily get into the auction business because they can rely on a trusted partner.


From helping you secure auction items to managing warehousing and distribution Vonality provides the service to get it done.

Through our partnership with travel, hospitality and collectables providers we can help secure items that make people go ‘wow’.

With our multi distribution platform we are able to integrate into multiple warehouses so inventory can be shipped from anywhere. This means less touch and more profit.