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Drive new revenue from advertisers and readers like never before.

Are you are a magazine with millions of readers?

Vonality performance-based marketing typically consists of revenue sharing relationships between online merchants and online publishers. This pay-for-performance model of marketing allows publishers to promote a product or service, and route interested consumers to a merchant’s website. When a consumer makes a qualified transaction on the merchant’s website as a result of the publishers promotional efforts, the publisher will earn a commission, typically a percentage of the gross sale as compensation.

Vonality can help you engage your readers and visitors to make more money and attract new advertisers – or to provide your current advertisers with even more exposure and value. Yes, there is ‘gold in them hills’ and we know how to mine it. If you are looking to drive new revenue, increase advertisers and provide value to your readers and attendees – we need to talk! If you work with a newspaper, magazine and haven’t spoken to us yet…give us a call. We have solutions that can help save your advertising revenue, open up new advertisers, and increase subscriptions and readership. Yes the Internet is killing you – we know it, you may know it to. You may be in denial (not the river in Egypt). If there is an opportunity out there for help, that can help you drive new revenue, secure advertisers and spark readership; isn’t it worth dropping us an email or phone call? Vonality provides the tactical execution and strategic oversight of an online performance marketing campaign.
  • Developing a plan that fits into your organizations overall online marketing strategy
  • Creating relationships with publishers that are in compliance with your organization’s brand guidelines
  • Increasing sales performance
  • Establishing incentivized offers
  • Creating promotions
  • Analyzing data and providing insight to optimize the program
  • Performing competitive research
  • Ensuring the program is exceeding goals and maximizing earnings