Bidder Qualification

For trusted, safe and secure online auctions.

For high value campaigns that will generate media attention, a bidder qualification process should be engaged.

Vonality’s bidder qualification has been used by the world’s largest online auction companies for their most important auction campaigns. Vonality has consulted and managed bidder qualification services for the likes of eBay, BMW and Singapore Airlines. Vonality has pre-qualified over $100 million in bidding activity to date.

When it has to be trusted, when you need to be secure -Vonality leads the industry in bidder qualification. Vonality has a 100% bid to payment ratio when our bidder qualification services are engaged.

We have developed a proprietary bidder qualification process that can help reduce risk and liability from fake bidders, or bidders who just cannot pay for an auction item. This also protects clients against charge backs, refunds or negative PR.

Vonality takes bidder verification and security very seriously and we are able to accommodate and coordinate with our clients to address any particular needs in this area. In fact Vonality has successfully prosecuted non-paying bidders and won.

During the bidding process several mechanisms are put in place to log and identify bidders. Policies and procedures are enacted based on years of experience and thousands of interactions and auction deliveries.

From insuring the correct legal terms and conditions are in place, to collecting waivers and system tracking (IP tracking, Phone recording, email logging) through to bank guarantees and credit checks – Vonality has you covered.