Everyone remembers their first

Create exciting moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

First Of A Kind Program- Vonality Firsts

Are you a brand that’s launching a first of a kind product? Will there be much fan fair and buzz when your product hits the street? Are collectors lined up to buy the first of its’ kind in history? Vonality has pioneered the secret sauce for generating revenue, social interactions, PR coverage and brand excitement. We have a prooven method to increase and engage your fan followers on twitter and/or Facebook sell more products and where applicable help raise money for charity. Vonality has worked with leading corporations to help create and launch award winning cause marketing programs that are focused around limited edition and ‘first of’ type products in history. We know collectors and fans are ready to pay a premium to own ‘firsts’ and have helped corporations monetize this opportunity to raise money for charity and generate significant buzz and media following. In fact we have generated hundred’s of millions of unique visitors to our clients website. Our auctions have been featured on CNN- Live with Larry King, Forbes, New York Times and hundreds of thousands of more media outlets and web properties around the globe. Just Google some of our auctions and you will see the explosive media reach our clients have obtained. Our highlights include:
  • Singapore Airlines A380 First to fly: $2,100,000.00
  • The First Apple iPhone in the US: SOLD $100,000.00
  • The First BMW X5 Hockey Editions: Over $100,000.00
  • Barry Bonds 715 Home Run Baseball: $220,000.00
  • First Ride on the Hard Rock Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster: $38,000.00
  • Test Drive the First Audi R8 in Canada
  • Dyson Vacuum- First in Canada
  • Virgin Airlines- First Inaugural Flight
  • First SMART Car
  • Britney Spears Believe Fragrance Campaign
  • The First American Idol – First Annual Idol Gives Back Online Auction
When you want to create excitement in the marketplace or capitalize on the excitement that is already buzzing around  Vonality can help you spark the marketplace by capturing huge amounts of revenue that can be used to benefit great charitable causes, garner great media exposure and even get people talking. Contact us today to learn how we can build a campaign around your special “first”.