Move Excess Inventory, Overstock and B Class Goods

Open up a new channel to move goods fast and maintain higher margins.


Vonality’s provides private auction marketplace liquidation services to retailers and manufacturers.

We build, host and manage marketplaces to enable large retailers and manufacturers to open their liquidation sales to a much larger base of resellers, creating new buying opportunities for companies that could not previously access this type of inventory directly from the source.

We work with big box retailers, manufacturers and distributors,

Vonality’s expertise and experience ensures you are setup for success when venturing into new online marketplaces. Each client is assigned a business analysis team to understand strategic objectives, analyze your product catalog, and develop a core strategy to successfully sell your product.


Vonality’s approach is unique. Account Managers guide you through the entire process from market assessment through ongoing implementation. We become experts in merchandising and handling your product, balancing brand considerations with an eye for profit maximization.

Market Assessment 
Vonality performs a detailed analysis of your product or similar product based on historical data from multiple online marketplaces. The outcome of this feasibility study is a carefully analyzed recommendation for channels, product and appropriate quantities.

Strategy Formation
Vonality Account Experts create a detailed strategic plan to ensure success for your online sales. This plan is formulated from the results of the market assessment in conjunction with your business goals and objectives. The plan is a living document that is revisited each quarter and refined.

Implementation Plan
Vonality develops a complete implementation plan to launch your new channels. This encompasses documentation of chosen selling strategies and rules, enterprise integration requirements, testing, timelines, risks and contingencies.

Listing your product in the appropriate channels is only half the battle. Vonality works through relationships with marketplaces to promote your listings and increase traffic to your product. In addition, Vonality can promote your auction storefronts throughout the Internet with online advertising programs and other online promotion techniques.