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Vonality can set you up with the right auction marketplace for your business. Not all auctions are created equal and not all auctions are the same. Did you know that the business of auctions is the second oldest type of business in the world?

Auctions work because they use simple supply and demand measures to drive prices up or down.

In order for an auction to work properly, you must have the right buyers and the right sellers. Vonality ensures your marketplace is properly advertised and marketed through the right channels. Vonality can promote your auction to millions of bidders through our targeted social marketing outreach or our email newsletters. We also design custom outreach campaigns that leverage our 10,000+ PR and media contacts, journalists and writers to get your auction exposed.  Our auctions have been seen on the likes of CNN, Forbes, CityTV, Breakfast Television, Globe & Mail, USA Today, Good Morning America and many more.

Our marketplaces are fully branded and deployed fast. Leveraging our experience we guide our clients in the best way and develop and support their campaigns or marketplaces along the way.

Types of Vonality Marketplaces/Auctions:

Online Charity Auctions– Highest bidder wins

Reverse Auctions – Lowest bidder wins. Used for procurement of goods and services

Tipping Point Auctions– If a demand or goal is met a deal is enacted

Vonality Auction T.V.- Live to air, streaming online auction marketplace

Liquidation Auctions – Move inventory fast through online channels

Private Auctions– Open to select people only such as private members, associations or employees

Loyalty Marketplaces– A marketplace where customers bid on exclusive items using cash or points

Newspaper/Magazine Auctions– Readers bid and buy your advertiser’s products, opening up a new revenue channel

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