App Development

From simple app design and implementation to insanely complex and highly connected app development we have you covered. 

We currently serve over 100+ Million downloads of our Client based apps that do things you probably use everyday

We develop 3 types of apps:

  1. Native Apps: Native apps are built specifically for a mobile device’s operating system (OS)
  2. Web Apps: An application software the runs id a web browser unlike software programs that run locally and natively on the operating
  3. Hybrid Apps: a mix of the above.

From shopping malls with beacon locations to make customer engagement seamless to onsite event check-ins and redemptions we design apps that customers and clients want to use.

Our app highlights:

  • A complex building app for tenants, visitors and managers to manage facilities, staffing, events, payments and parking

  • Loyalty program app for members to access account, make purchases, view history, and complete registration forms.

  • Customer loyalty solution with fully integrated business agility into existing core systems.

Our Approach


The Vonality approach

  • Flexible blocks and elastic API’s that can be connected seamlessly with your existing stack
  • Unlimited and cost-effective scalability thanks to microservice-ready architecture and cloud infrastructure
  • Smooth and painless upgrades
  • Personalized user experience at any touchpoint and fast customization of specific modules, not the whole system
  • Easy integrations using API-first architecture, webhooks, and an event-driven core
  • Short time to market with pre-built blocks

We are able to work with our client to understand and identify the best solution for their business. The industry has an app failure rate of 99.5%. Vonality has an app success rate of 100%.  Allow your money to be spent on success. With Vonality we can help take you down the right path and identify the right app solutions for your business.

Vonality Advantage Plus+

Vonality is one of the few Companies that also actes as an integrator. This means that we work with 3rd parties who have already developed solutions to quickly bring your product to life with best in class technology.

For Example:

A client needed an application to manage 800 Staff and part of the application was to provide best in class route guidance. Why build this yourself when Google has API’s available. This reduced costs by over $150K USD and let to a 6 month faster time to market.